ValueMags: Uniprix vs. Sephora

ValueMags is a marketing and distribution company for magazines publishers based out of Chicago, Illinois. There are many consumer behavior habits that need to be analyze by industries to effectively target their markets. In the cosmetics industry, ValueMags can differentiate two different types of stores: high end and cost cutters. Among those stores, ValueMags can identify pro and cons from each. For example, Sephora uses powerful colors such as yellow to make the consumer feel youthful and orange to make them feel comfortable to buy. They often show models showcasing and demonstrating the products. What is also effective is exaggeration. They use bold headlines and use images that exaggerate the use of products and their effects, emphasizing the products capabilities and performance.

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On the other hand, cost-cutter stores like Uniprix use tactics such as placing mascaras at the eye level (what the product is used on), matching prices to similar products to equalize competition, and uses the color orange to provoke purchase. Orange is the color that is most effective in making conversions (sales) on and offline. Not to mention that the products have brushes on display to show consumes what’s inside the product before they go and purchase it. ValueMags is dedicated to effectively marketing and analyzing industries that could have an effect on some of their magazines.

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